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olden times and ancient rhymes

maura @ 7:01 pm

I am not very good at relaxing, in general. This basic physiomental (yay for new words!) fact + my eXtreme <3 of my job = I have been pretty obsessive with the interwebs this semester.

But! Now I’m on winter break. Break! Hope it doesn’t break me. And I thought I’d try a little experiment:

No interwebs from tomorrow afternoon through New Year’s Day. No email, no twitter, no facebook, no New York Times, no desperately trying to keep up with the 101 library/tech/higher ed blags in my igoogle. None. I’m not quite going to kick it danah boyd-style, but I am going to take that giant matrix plug out of the back of my head, just for a few days, just to see how it feels.

Hope your holidays are happy! Catch you in the New Year.

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2 comments on “olden times and ancient rhymes”

betsy (26 December 2008 at 6:25 pm)

no. say it isn’t so. what am I going to do until 2009 w/o yr blog posts & tweets out here in the frozen hinterlands?

daniel (27 December 2008 at 12:39 pm)

I recommend this.

We had the power go out last night. A friend came over and we cooked the perishables on the gas stove by candlelight, drank all the remaining cupboard alcohol, and jammed on the guitar. People in the valley were singing, playing music, and shooting off illegal, professional-grade fireworks.

And I got 8+ hours of sleep, which I haven’t been able to do in a *long* time.

Of course, it’s morning now and I’m back on the intarwab.


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