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like a stone thrown across the water

maura @ 10:58 pm

Guess what I learned today? You can make DIY shrinky dinks out of #6 plastic! While I have not yet tried this myself, apparently you just:

1. Get some #6 plastic (which you should really be boycotting if you can, because it is evil and not recyclable while so many others are).

2. Decorate with sharpies. What, you don’t have many colors of sharpies? What’s wrong with you?

3. Cut out the designs.

4. Bake in a 250-degree toaster oven for about 30 seconds. Watch the magic happen through the window!

I’ll let you know when we try it. Stupid lettuce growers always use #6 in their packaging, bah.

(Yes, I had a Food Coop meeting tonight, can you tell?)

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3 comments on “like a stone thrown across the water”

Em (12 December 2008 at 2:19 pm)

That is the coolest thing ever. If it works I’ve got another reason to buy more sharpies *and* maybe use up those lettuce containers!

Anne (12 December 2008 at 2:44 pm)

OOOH, that is information I would have been better off not knowing!

I’m supposed to be working on my job application q’s and we have still not unpacked our beloved toaster oven. (Plus there’s no place to put it just yet…I know that sounds comical in this house but believe.)

It would be very sad indeed to not get a job because I was busy making DIY dinks!

maura (12 December 2008 at 9:27 pm)

Har, you guys are cracking me up! I’m going to dig around in the fridge this weekend and see if we have anything in #6 — if I make ’em I’ll let you know (and post pictures!).

Anne, I think you should get the job *because* you are making DIY dinks! Make them in legal shapes, they will be so impressed!

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