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and i got it all out of a pint of milk

maura @ 7:00 pm

I’m lame, I fully admit it. Here it is the weekend, when I should be taking the time to write a real post on one of my ideas, but I’m just not feeling up to it. So I’m going to paste in some twitters again, for the last week or so. And try to get up the gumption to write something real tomorrow.

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“who would win, triceratops vs dragon? who would win, dragon vs lobster?” about 8 hours ago from mobile web

why does gus only ever want to play w/his toys when we’re trying to get out the door? about 8 hours ago from mobile web

looking forward to this afternoon’s playdate: video games for gus, library chatting for me about 11 hours ago from mobile web

is it ever *not* going to be 35 degrees + windy? about 21 hours ago from web

treating myself to no work tonight, tv & beer instead! about 23 hours ago from mobile web

taught my last English 1 session of the semester this morning, feeling strangely melancholy 12:15 PM yesterday from mobile web

I’m tired of winter in fall 7:35 AM yesterday from mobile web

taking a break from crunching numbers for the article to buy some architecture books. 12:17 PM Nov 20th from web

amazed at continuing eXtreme kitten boldness: he jumped up on the table as I was sitting here eating breakfast! 7:28 AM Nov 20th from mobile web

why am I still awake? why is Jonathan still watching puppies? 11:23 PM Nov 19th from mobile web

can’t believe that jonathan only just now heard of the puppy cam. n00b. 9:43 PM Nov 19th from web

aaaaaand it’s back into manhattan with me. hooray for the Q train! 7:34 AM Nov 19th from mobile web

recovering from today’s presentation, thinking about tomorrow’s 6:15 PM Nov 18th from mobile web

p.s. I will not miss the photocopier over winter break 9:27 AM Nov 18th from mobile web

I can’t possibly need more than 25 handouts, right? 9:26 AM Nov 18th from mobile web

jonathan was taunting me with cookies. 9:43 PM Nov 17th from web

early bathtime in prep for movie night (kung fu panda) 4:43 PM Nov 16th from mobile web

all of us are sitting at the table with our portable electronic devices. ah, sunday morning. 8:32 AM Nov 16th from mobile web

Home now, drinking tea & gearing up to scrape weird residue off the floor, woo hoo 12:38 PM Nov 15th from mobile web

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2 comments on “and i got it all out of a pint of milk”

Karen (25 November 2008 at 11:25 am)

Emboldened kittens and architecture books sounds like a good time to me.

maura (25 November 2008 at 9:56 pm)

Two great things that go great together!

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