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i’ve got your p.o. box number

maura @ 7:38 pm

“Yes, yes I would, yeah baby, yeah!”

That’s what Gus just said when Jonathan asked him if he’d get cherry pie again someday. He had some over the weekend at his school’s fundraiser. It was a good time, as ever, if a bit chilly this year. What with the wind most of the littler kids ended up in the gym, running around like crazed monkeys hitting each other with inflatable spongebob and spiderman hammers that their pushover parents bought for $3 each (us included). Just remember, kids, it’s only fun until someone loses an eye! Or gets hit in the face with an inflatable hammer, as it turns out.

When we got there the high school band was playing, by which I mean 3 kids w/guitars + drums (rather than the kind with uniforms + woodwinds). You know you’re an old lady when all you can think is OMG they are so cute with their pop-punk + guitar solos + crazy tight purple pants. Gus was positively enthralled with the drummer: “look, he has cymbals and a drum with a pedal on the floor!” Not exactly the best choice for apartment living, but maybe we’ll have to figure something out. When they came offstage I heard one of them telling a parent to check their myspace. Adorable!

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2 comments on “i’ve got your p.o. box number”

Em (21 November 2008 at 10:34 am)

My family and I are clearly living in the wrong universe. I want to go to school with Gus.

maura (21 November 2008 at 9:46 pm)

I have to admit that I am a tad jealous that Gus gets to go to such a cool school. We are really lucky — it’s a progressive public school with lottery admissions and we got in from the waiting list.

I think that the adorable band is the reason I can’t stop listening to Tiger Trap lately! Though they were all boys, not girls.

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