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distant voices from deep space

maura @ 10:45 pm

Way back in April I was inspired to take the camera and document my walk to work one day. I downloaded the photos and there they’ve sat, in a folder named blag, on my desktop, for weeks now.

Until today! The day when you too can enjoy My Walk To Work in all it’s late April glory.

This is the block around the corner from ours, a particularly pretty one. Lots of lovely planting going on here — I always enjoy a good clawfoot bathtub planter.

A coffee shop on my walk has this cool bench. Never had their coffee though — I’m always too hyped up from J’s coffee (and walking too fast to stop at this early point).

This is one of two somewhat crazy clothing + other stuff stores I walk by. I’ve never been in though — maybe I am too afraid that I will buy something.

The Williamsburg Bank Building is the tallest building in Brooklyn. Of course they are turning it into condos (note scaffolding). The red and greenish building on the right is just one example of the hideousness wrought by the developer who wants to build a huge stadium in this part of Brooklyn. Bah.

I’ve never understood why there’s a cow in front of the hardware store. But it is a well-maintained cow, and the kids do like it.

Did you lose your glasses? I hope not, because these are in bad shape.

I am perfectly happy living in an apartment. But if I ever do live in a house, I would like it to be purple! After walking by it somewhat unintentionally, I actually changed my route because seeing this house every morning makes me happy.

Gus’s old preschool was across the street from this bar, which prompted many a joke amongst the parents, esp. during the always-excruciating “phase-in.” Note the “for sale” sign. Sigh.

I walk by lots of beautiful examples of urban gardens. I like this one for the pansies, which look so perky and happy, and the variety, which is quite eye-catching.

I also walk by lots of bikes. I’ve been having serious bike lust lately. This old school yellow number’s pretty rad. (More on bikes another day.)

How many new buildings can you count? The correct answer is 3 (4 if you count the one just to the left that didn’t fit in the frame). There’s a lot of construction these days in northern Brooklyn. Because, did you hear? There’s a terrible shortage of million-dollar 2 BR condos! TERRIBLE! Wherever will those people wanting to pay $1m for an apartment GO?! Quick, throw up more condos, before they all move to the suburbs!!!


This is a sculpture in the plaza I walk through when I’m almost at work. Even though I’ve been at my job for almost 3 mos, I still wonder “where’s that dog’s owner?” at least once a week.

Another view of the plaza, while the cherry trees were in bloom. Public art is cool. The mostly blue + green mostly metal + stained glass sculpture on the left has an old-fashioned subway station feel to it. On the right is part of an installation of small plastic water bottles filled with red liquid hung in the trees, which look like alien fruits or eggs or something.

I like walking through this plaza — it’s right at the end of the walk and it’s nice to see trees, grass and art before starting the workday.

Work! The library’s in a funky building that was built in the 80s to connect 3 other buildings. Sometimes the floors don’t meet up (e.g. the library building has no 3rd floor) which is surprising! I’m lucky to have a window — the green dot approximates my location.

…and, I don’t know quite how to end this post. Except to say that it’s Friday night, and even though I can’t quite manage the popfest this weekend, I still probably shouldn’t be thinking about work. Bye!

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7 comments on “distant voices from deep space”

Anne (14 June 2008 at 11:02 am)

Heh, that “dog’s” owner is probably having an even more difficult time! Losing your glasses is bad enough, losing your helper dog…terrible!

maura (14 June 2008 at 10:04 pm)

I know!

Hey, we were thinking about you today — we went to see Indiana Jones 4 tonight. We liked it! Did Ben get a little thrill when V. Gordon Childe was mentioned, or was that only for Old World nerds like myself?

Anne (15 June 2008 at 10:29 pm)

Was that the guy he was talking to the library kid about? Madeleine may have been yelling some during that part.

Eek, I met a former teacher of mine today and her helper dog looks *just* like the one in your picture! (But of course far more animated!) He seemed too friendly to be a working dog but I guess when the harness is off and the leash is on, all the kissing in the world is OK.

I wish our dogs would do some work, but I digress…

maura (16 June 2008 at 9:42 pm)

Yes, that was in the library. Cracked me right up!

I’ve never met an unfriendly helper dog! Which is a good thing, I think.

Yes, now that we are pet owners I’ve expanded my thinking on work + small creatures. Like children, pets should be put to work! Or at least not make more work for you by knocking over a full glass of water while you’re trying to leave for work!

Anne (17 June 2008 at 11:15 am)

There are no helper cats. That’s a fact.

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