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maura @ 4:59 pm

Gus + I are at my mom’s this weekend while Jonathan selflessly finishes the painting at our apartment. This morning my mom asked Gus to help her get the xmas tree + decorations out of her basement + start setting them up.

So I took a peek in the basement, too. I’ve got a few eight (8!) boxes of stuff from my child-through-college-hood taking up space, and thought maybe I could declutter here, too, just like at home. Plus, sometimes I find cool stuff for Gus.

OMG, it is just incredible what a packrat I am! Old letters, yearbooks, a few precious concert t-shirts, Chairry, my MacPlus from college? Okay, those are fine. Someday I will have room to bring them to my house, and I do think they are worth saving.

But other old random stuffed animals, raggedy ann dolls, dollhouse stuff (much of it homemade), puzzles, and knicknacks? Aiieee! Why do I need these? Why did I ever think I needed these?

I have a plan, though: I will make a special trip down to my mom’s house in the spring, before we are set to have our annual stoop sale. And I will sell it all there! Because SOMEONE wants this stuff, right?

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