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maura @ 8:44 pm

Phoning it in some here tonight. I am tired and a little bit freaked out about all that there is to do in the next 9 days.

Recently I wish I could see the future. Not for the usual lottery-winning or betting-on-horses reasons, though that could be a nice extra. No, for me the main benefit would be improved personal activity planning. I’m better when I’m kind of busy, when my time is occupied. But to get to my optimal level of busy I sometimes say yes to what seems like a reasonable amount of activities at the time my mouth says “sure, I’ll do that!” but then ends up to be a huge hectic pile.

And that’s kind of where I am right now. I haven’t been to the gym in a week and I have lots of things scribbled down on post-it notes and did you know that xmas is practically right around the corner?

Thankfully (har!) all of my regular (double har!) readers are probably too stuffed (the laughs just keep coming here at mauraweb!) to notice that tonight’s entry is so lame. See you tomorrow, interwebs!

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