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maura @ 3:53 pm

Last xmas my mom got Gus a couple of fairy tales on tape for the car. We hadn’t listened to them in ages but pulled them out again recently in a desperate attempt to keep him awake on the ride home from school (which is only 15 min long but they run ’em hard in kindergarten so he is often exhausted).

Gus’ favorite tape is read by Margot Kidder. He especially loves Puss in Boots, The Frog Prince and The Brave Little Tailor. Ms. Kidder actually does a great job reading the stories, even breaking into a few different voices for each character*. We’ve found ourselves spontaneously breaking out in pieces of the stories around the house: e.g. “Youngest princess! Keep your promise to me youngest princess!” in a froggy voice.

* The other tape is read by Ed Begley, Jr., who is somewhat more sleep-inducing and less entertaining.

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