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all the little things you do will end up coming back to you

maura @ 1:48 pm

What I’d really like to be doing right now is curling up on the sofa with a blanket, a nice book (fiction), a nice cup of tea (mint), and a nice CD on the machine (Cocteau Twins: Treasure). But the holidays are coming, so I’m on a small nutritional pit stop (i.e. eating lunch at the computer) before I throw myself back into this day of accomplishment. Errands! Presents! Baking! Cleaning! Kill me now!

We are having sort of a Santa issue here. This is the first year that Gus really seems tuned in to the whole presents thing, and ever since his birthday he’s been running around like a right little greedy first world child asserting that for Christmas he wants “all of the Thomas trains that I don’t have.”* Then at some point the Santa** factor was introduced, and Jonathan explained to him that he needed to write a note to Santa specifying what he wants for Xmas. Well, now apparently Santa is to be expected to get him $500 of Thomas trains. Argh. Of course we (and most of our family, too, I think) are already finished shopping for him, and have not gotten him any Thomas trains (Come ON! He got 3 for his birthday, and is slated to get at least 2 more for Xmas!). But now I’m thinking that the trust in the Santa concept will be broken if he doesn’t get at least ONE thing on his “list”. So I guess we will be buying one more gift, after all.

* Sadly, this is fully our fault since we neglected to take the product insert (with ALL the Thomas products on it) that came in the trains he got for his birthday away from him, and now he calls it his “map” and carries it everywhere.

** I’m sort of ambivalent about Santa, having been raised in a non-believer household. My mom didn’t want to lie to us, so we always knew that Santa is a fake. But I don’t feel deprived, or anything (people always look at me like I’m some sort of FREAK when I reveal this). If anything (and esp. now, as a parent) I can totally understand and respect where my mom was coming from. Anyway, I’m fine with it, but admittedly it does make me somewhat less sympathetic to the whole Santa playacting thing.

Ack, I’m too busy to be writing this, leave me alone!

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