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could be a tweet, but it ain’t

maura @ 7:26 pm

Today I got spam from Sookoo Waffle. Best. Spam name. Ever.

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wheezing and sneezing and

maura @ 9:45 pm

And speaking of Cocteau Twins lyrics, here are the last 3 captchas I had to enter when I posted a blag tonight for the coop environmental committee:


I haven’t twittered or facebooked at all today, how can that be?! I do find that excessive twittering + facebooking suck blag energy. What can you do, there’s only so much time in the day. (Okay, I just twittered. I cannot say “tweet,” it is just too precious.)

Hey, my leg is feeling better! So much so that I walked 1/3 of the way to work today. For the remainder of the week I have 3 days in which I’ve got meetings/presentations in Manhattan, so here’s hoping I really am on the mend.

Thus ends tonight’s random entry. I really do mean to write about compost someday, but not tonight.

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