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here’s your future: it’s gonna rain

maura @ 9:39 pm

I’ve been mentally blogging all day in discrete paragraphs rather than sustained narrative, so I’m going to kick it list-style here tonight:

1. After multiple recommendations I finally got my hands on some Thermals records. And they are awesome! Good for listening to while cleaning the stacks of papers off your desk, arranging the fall workshop schedule, and doing the dishes. Since it has rained here for a million billion jillion days straight, the line that’s the title of this post seems particularly apt.

2. Seriously, it has rained for a million billion jillion days straight. I mean, I used to dig in Ireland, I know from rain. I finally bought some big tall boots, but this is still getting pretty old. No rain today but the forecast for the weekend looks ominous, bah.

3. Last week we went to the curriculum share at Gus’s school to see all the fantastic work they’ve done all year. I am completely in awe of his teacher: she took those 27 kids on a ton of field trips all over the city (they studied a lot of architecture this year), including walks over the Brooklyn, Manhattan AND Williamsburg bridges (not all in the same day). Among the work Gus showed us was a book he made entitled “All Kinds of Awesome Poems By Gus.” Which makes me giggle every time I think of it.

4. I finally cleared a whole bunch of random old photos off my phone recently. Here are two:

This is from a crazy place with tons of inflatable stuff to climb on called Bounce U that we went to with friends earlier this year. Gus had a blast, predictably.

There’s a fun public art project all along a street near my work for which lots of people knitted cozies for the parking meters! It’s amazing, very Doctor Seussian. I took this photo right after the cozies were installed — they look much more droopy now that they’ve been rained on for a month. You can get a better look in the nice Flickr photostream and there’s also more info in the Times.

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til the end of time

maura @ 9:40 pm

It’s been a long week. A good week, too, though I’m surprisingly melancholy @ teaching my last english comp library session of the semester today. Still, I went to Manhattan three (3!) times, had a parent teacher conference, helped trim the cats’ nails, and felt better enough to walk to work today. Which sounds like a full week to me.

There’s new public art in the plaza near my work!

A melting waffle! I kind of feel like that right now. Plus there’s last night’s TV to watch, and beer to drink.

Maura out.

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like he said he would

maura @ 5:36 pm

Today I was looking through photos on my phone and found this one from last weekend. There’s some neato public art in Madison Square Park: treehouses! Might they be a good place to live? Well, it’d be cold, but you could be first in line for Shake Shack every day!

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