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sputtering to a stop

maura @ 9:24 pm

Well, that’s it, this NaBloPoMo thing has ended for this year. I feel a bit blah about it compared to years past. I did blag every day, it’s true, but it doesn’t seem like I really gave it my all. There were a few meaty posts, but mostly they were short + very picturey.

Ah well, that’s the way it goes. I guess with the superbusy class time of the semester in the first half of this month, my energies were not as available for writing. Maybe next year I’ll have figured out how to devote more time to writing even during the teaching crush.

Or maybe I’ll just prewrite a bunch of blags before I get too busy, and post them sneakily each day, as if they were written fresh + new! Except that I’ve just blown my cover, dang.

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registration-free comments are back

maura @ 6:59 pm

Thanks to Jessie’s Spam Karma suggestion, woo hoo!

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stop killing me

maura @ 1:19 pm

Okay, I just can’t take the blogspam anymore, so I’ve changed the options to require registration to post comments. Sorry if this bugs anyone! If you can tell me how to make WordPress more spam-proof, I’m all ears.

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every word means no

maura @ 9:18 pm

I thought I’d spruce things up around here, since recently I realized that this font is kind of hard to read on a PC (since I’m so Mactastic, doncha know). So let me know if the font looks bad to you, okay? I have it set to Geneva for Macs, old school, yeah. But you PCers will have to settle for Arial.

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finally, the lamb

maura @ 8:26 pm

After torrential rain for more than 24 hrs, spring finally seems to be coming to Brooklyn. Tomorrow looks gorgeous, which makes me happy that I’m working only 1/2 day so Gus and I can have a playdate with a school chum in the afternoon.

Been feeling rather blue lately, not finding/making the time for this thang (I mean, seriously, I haven’t even written in my journal in over a week, much less this blogging-come-lately). There’s a bunch of stuff right now that I want to change but can’t, for a variety of reasons, change right now, and it’s making me grumpy. Hopefully changes will come soon, and I’ll pull out of this funk.

How’s that for vague?

I keep meaning to write a big post about music, since I’ve recently come up to speed on the music of the new millennium, after a 4-ish yr absence, but I don’t have the gumption for it right now. Maybe this weekend when we are visiting my dad, and the vast quantities of grandparental attention (combined with the sort of lack of things to do where he lives) give me Free Time. Yes, maybe.

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